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Huntsville, AL - is the second-best place to live in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report's 2023-2024 rankings. The city's thriving job market, low cost of living and high quality of life were cited as the primary reasons for its top ranking.

Bordering Huntsville is the family-friendly town of Madison, AL. Madison boasts the charm of a small town with the convenience of a suburban, contemporary lifestyle. Just minutes from Athens, Decaur and Huntsville, this charming town provides the comforts of home with the convenience of living a stone’s throw from entertainment, schools, dining and restaurants. Home to Minor League Baseball’s Rocket City Trash Pandas, multi-use greenways, the Town Madison was designed to incorporate live, work and play all in one amazing community.

Town Madison’s newest apartment destination is The Robert at Madison!


Luxury rental living
4 story elevator buildings with 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments
20 Unique 2 & 3 bedroom townhomes

The Robert

Rohdie Group

We set out to build communities that are always on the forefront of new and innovative design. The Robert Madison will feature brand new one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments in a four-story building with the convenience of elevators. Additionally, we have beautifully designed townhomes that provide extra privacy and space.

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The Robert


  • Clubhouse with coffee bar and co working spaces
  • Resort style pool with sunning ledge
  • 24-7 Fitness Center
  • Pickle ball Courts
  • Three dog runs
  • Green space
  • The best staff in Town Madison
The Robert

Your Community

    • Clubhouse with co-work space
    • Coffee and tea bar
    • Community fire pit
    • Dog park and dog wash
    • Outdoor grill
    • Resort-style pool with sunning ledge
    • 24-HOUR fitness center
    • Pickle Ball Courts (yes... Pickle Ball!) The Robert Madison will be the first community to ever offer pickle ball!
The Robert

Your Residence

  • Frameless glass showers*
  • Granite countertops
  • In home washer & dryer
  • Luxury vinyl plank flooring
  • Nine-foot ceilings
  • Stainless steel appliance package
  • Subway tile kitchen backsplash
  • Stylish Interior

Tips In Designing a Nursery Like a Pro

Tips In Designing a Nursery Like a Pro

Tips In Designing a Nursery Like a Pro


The arrival of a newborn fills a home with joy, love, and, inevitably, a flurry of baby preparations. One of the most thrilling tasks for new parents is designing their baby's nursery – a space that's not only safe and efficient but also brimming with the warmth and wonder that childhood deserves. This pivotal space in your home should be both pretty and practical, supporting the many needs of a growing child without losing an ounce of its charm. If you're a new parent or expecting, these top tips for designing a nursery will guide you through the process, ensuring your child's first room is a haven the whole family can cherish.


Selecting a Gender-Neutral Palette

In the anticipation of a newborn's arrival, parents often feel compelled to select a gender-specific color or theme for the nursery. However, with contemporary design trends favoring simplicity and flexibility, a gender-neutral palette provides a canvas that's both sophisticated and adaptable. Pastel shades such as soft greens, light yellows, and serene grays are excellent starting points, allowing you to change accents and accessories as your child grows and their personality develops. This approach ensures the nursery evolves with your little one without the need for a complete makeover.

Furniture with Longevity in Mind

When investing in nursery furniture, focus on pieces that serve dual purposes and have extended lifespans. A convertible crib that adjusts to a toddler bed, daybed, or full-size frame is a wise purchase that can potentially last for years. Similarly, a dresser with a removable changing table topper can seamlessly transition from a diaper-changing station to a storage solution for toys and clothes. By thinking ahead and considering the future needs of your child, you can create a space that's as functional for an infant as it is for a school-aged kid.

Maximizing Storage Solutions

Babies may be tiny, but their belongings can take up quite a bit of space. Efficient storage in the nursery is essential to staying organized and keeping the room clutter-free. Look for creative solutions like under-crib drawers, hanging closet organizers, and wall-mounted shelves to make the most of your vertical space. Consider investing in clear storage bins or baskets, which not only keep items sorted and accessible but also add a decorative touch to the room.

Layering Textiles and Soft Furnishings

A nursery should feel warm and inviting, and textiles play a significant role in achieving that ambiance. Layering different textures and types of fabrics adds depth to the room while also introducing comfort for both you and your baby. Opt for blackout curtains to promote better sleep, a cozy area rug for playtime, and a glider or rocking chair with plush pillows for those late-night feedings. These soft furnishings can also serve as design elements, reinforcing the nursery's overall aesthetic.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting is crucial in a nursery, as it can affect your baby's sleep patterns and your ability to efficiently perform tasks. A dimmable ceiling light or chandelier with a simple shade can provide a soft, comforting glow for bedtime stories and late-night check-ins. In addition, a task light near the changing table or next to your rocking chair will offer the necessary brightness for focused activities without disturbing the room's overall lighting.

Safety First

Of course, safety is paramount in any nursery design. Ensure all furniture is anchored to the walls to prevent tipping, and choose baby-proofed storage options with no-risk features such as soft-closing drawers. Outlet covers, a monitoring system, and breathable crib bumpers are additional measures that contribute to a safe environment for your little one.

Personalize with Meaningful Touches

While function and safety are non-negotiable, personalization gives the nursery its heart. Incorporate family heirlooms, handmade items, and personalized touches like monogrammed bedding or a framed ultrasound. These details not only make the space feel uniquely yours but also become part of the story you'll one day share with your child. Remember, the most beautiful nursery is one filled with love, so be sure to infuse your personal style and special memories into every corner.

Future-Proof the Design

To avoid the anxiety of outgrowing the nursery too quickly, design the space to be easily adaptable. Think about how to make the transition from a baby nursery to a playroom or study room a smooth one. Flexible furniture, interchangeable decor elements, and RGB lighting you can customize to any color scheme are all features that help you to future-proof the design.

Organize with Growth in Mind

From the outset, think about the nursery's organization in a scalable way. What makes sense for a newborn in terms of the layout and storage solutions might not be the best setup for a toddler or preschooler. You want organization systems that can grow and change with your child's needs, offering a blend of accessibility for little hands and teaching moments for your little one to learn to be tidy.

Create a Sensory-Rich Environment

A nursery design that engages all the senses can be hugely beneficial for a child's development. Use a mix of patterns, textures, and shapes to stimulate their growing mind. Soft music or a white noise machine can create a calming background, and age-appropriate artwork can become familiar and comforting as they grow.

Make Room for Play

The nursery isn't just for sleeping and changing – it's a place where your child will play, learn, and explore. Designate a corner for toys and play with open shelves or low, child-accessible drawers. Consider a safe, soft floor for tummy time and a clear, open expanse in the room for those first unsteady steps.

Balance Your Ambiance

While it's natural to focus on the practical aspects of a nursery, it's just as important to create an ambiance that nurtures and comforts. Achieving a balance between the sanctuary you want for your baby and the practicality you need as a parent is key. Soft colors, natural materials, and a clutter-free environment can create a serene atmosphere, but don't forget to infuse your personal style and the elements that bring you joy.

Stay Stylish But Sensible

Trends come and go, but good design is timeless. While it's tempting to fill your nursery with the latest fads, think about the long-term appeal of your design choices. Opt for classic pieces that can be updated with accessories as your child's tastes change. If you do incorporate trendy elements, make sure they're easy and relatively inexpensive to replace or renovate.

Adaptable Artwork

When choosing artwork for your nursery, think long-term. Select pieces that are appropriate for a baby but will also be enjoyed by a teenager. This might mean steering clear of overly baby-themed art in favor of timeless or meaningful pieces that can become part of your child's memory and life story.

A Space for Bonding

The nursery isn't just a functional room – it's also a space for intimate moments and bonding. Make sure there's a comfortable spot for you to snuggle and read to your little one, whether it's a glider, a cozy armchair, or simply a spot on the floor with a soft blanket. These special moments will become cherished memories for you both.


By following these comprehensive design suggestions, you can create a nursery that's not only beautiful but also highly practical and capable of growing with your child. Remember, the most important aspect of your nursery is the love that you infuse into every detail. Enjoy the process, and savor every moment of creating this magical space for your new arrival. If you're looking for apartments for rent in Madison, AL, contact The Robert Apartments today to schedule a personal tour.

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